Discover the 3 Domains to Unlock Your Relationship Success:
How To Take on the World Together & Keep Your Dream Partner Once You’ve Attracted Them
 Get on the Same Page
    I wasn’t always part of a Power Couple.
Before I met my wife, I felt like I was just like any other guy. I was coaching high-end clients twice my age on dating advice - they’d fly out to work with me, paying a pretty penny to learn how to meet “the one”. 

The problem I had with all that power is that it came with a massive amount of responsibility. Being 100% confident, I could walk up to anyone and get their number in under 30 minutes. I regularly got dates with my perfect 10 woman, and I was coaching others to do the same.  

Like most power players and strong-willed people
, I thought all the issues in my relationships were because of them, not me. I thought there was nothing wrong with me. As a power player, I didn’t think I’d have to do any extra work. I felt like I deserved my queen, like I was entitled to her.

If I’d only known then what I know now.  
My wake up call happened at a Salsa dancing club, sitting at a table with an incredibly beautiful, and intelligent woman having a good ol’ time. As I’m watching her lips, listening to her words, I could hear that little voice in my head jibber-jabbering, saying:

She’s just like your ex! 

It was like I was watching an old movie. She was a carbon copy of my ex - different face, same go-getter personality. 

I was pissed.
I felt bad for her. 

I realized it wasn’t her, it was me.

I felt bad for all the women I’d given up over the years because I thought they were the problem. I was always blaming them rather than accepting responsibility for my actions (or lack thereof), and the realization hit me like I got socked in the gut.
That day triggered something deep within me.
At the time, it had only been three months since we’d split ways - I was crushed.

I remember sitting in my car with the engagement ring I was planning on giving her that month, crying about how I felt I’d lost myself - I tried so hard to be the person she expected me to be in our relationship. I did everything I could to prove myself. 

In this moment of anger and grief, I decided the only way to move forward was to go to the top of a cliff - to make everything feel better.

Okay, so maybe launching her very extravagant engagement ring off the edge of a cliff into the ocean with all my might wasn’t the smartest idea. But that impulsive moment was my wake up call.

That hot-headed action showed me not only that I wanted her in my life again, but also revealed what I needed to do to win the love of my life back.
That’s the day I discovered the person I actually resented was myself - for creating a massive imbalance in the 3 Domains of a Power Player.
From the moment I met my (now) wife, she knocked my freakin’ socks off. (You ever met that person yourself?)
We were inseparable, and wow it felt beyond good… She was the woman of my dreams, the complete package.

We traveled the world together, experiencing life for all of its beauty and magic… I was the pilot and she was the co-pilot on our adventure-seeking explorations - we experienced cultures and places we’d only dreamed of seeing with our own eyes. We were on top of the world, there was nothing we couldn’t do together. 

We were amazing together, the dynamic duo, the ultimate team, growing into our Power Couple potential.
She said:

Everyone would tell us we were made for each other, that we looked so incredible together, that we had this aura about us - twin flames, soul mates, past-life partners… I didn’t even know what that meant. The world confirmed for us over and over that we’d found our match.  

Why would I fight?

Why was I so conflicted?

I felt so passionate, it was almost possessive. Thinking it was all his fault. So we went to get outside help, I felt I was carrying something from the past. We’d have these explosive arguments out of nowhere. There was something about him that was so familiar, like we had known each other before. I couldn’t explain it. Maybe this time we could figure it out and work through our relationship issues. 

The “new love buzz” only lasted as long as we didn’t try to change each other.

But unfortunately, this just wasn’t our reality. We started pushing each other’s buttons. 

Now, don’t let the beard and deep voice fool you... I’m a lover, not a fighter. While I am a second degree black belt and can definitely lay the hammer down, I much rather support others into bettering themselves.

She was my queen, and I did all the little extra things that would make her happy - at least that’s what I told myself. 

When she was unhappy, I made it a practice to step up and be an even better man - I honestly never worked so hard for any relationship.


I’d forgotten the most important lesson during my ten years of coaching other power players. 

My mantra was to be the best version of myself - to rise to the challenge and close the gap of disconnection. 
In order to be a POWER partner, you have to embody:
  • Precision: know exactly what to do and how
  • Optimism: plan and achieve the best future
  • Warrorlike: have a never give up attitude
  • Excitement: make things fun and playful again
  • Reliable: no matter what, you can be counted on
When you’re living in balance in your power dynamic, everything is perfect - you’re on the same page
It’s time to map this out, step by step, so you feel supported in making your dreams a reality.
Like the power players I’ve worked with over the past ten years, I know you…
►  Want to know that your partner is going to see you for the catch you are

► Want to see your dream to completion with your partner by your side and change the world in a significant way (even if that starts in your home)

► Want to know all your effort and hard work is seen

► Want to put your guard down and be yourself around your partner

► Don’t see yourself with anyone else, now or ever 
Have you wanted to….
Stop clashing heads and start moving in the right direction together

► Build an empire that will leave a legacy (so you can take care of those who mean the most to you)

► Start communicating and stop negotiating for every little thing

► Prove everyone wrong that said it wasn't possible

► Spend more time with your partner not feeling exhausted and awkward

► Get unstuck in your power couple so you can experience even more success (you’ve felt held back)

When this happens your business success skyrockets and you’ve found that spark again.

I know how important this is to you.
Are you ready to…
► Find yourself again

► Proudly stand side-by-side with your partner and have both your needs met

► Let go of all the resentment that’s built up through all the fights,
misunderstandings, and arguments

► Feel like there’s equal effort from both sides

► Enjoy the satisfaction of all your hard work together so you can have fun
travel, and experience life

► To achieve the next level of your life’s purpose
This is a good fit for you if…
►  Enough is enough and you want to figure out exactly how to create balance and stability in your power couple 

► You envision everything working out and know there’s nothing you couldn’t accomplish together - you’d be the dynamic duo

► You want to know precisely how to work through misunderstandings and actually get somewhere when emotions are high

► You want to get your fire and passion back

► You are not willing to lose the love of your life!

Once you have the map to become the ultimate team, you’ll be able to be that power couple you always knew was possible - that incredible couple you’ve seen glimpses of. 

If this is what you want, I'd like to introduce you to Power Couples United...
This is my signature program where we will get to the bottom of what's been getting in the way of becoming the ultimate team. Here we will pinpoint the kryptonite that's showing up in your relationship and preventing you from getting on the same page. 

I did it... so can you.

In our time together, we will create stability in the Domains of a Power Player. A process I've perfected over the past 10 years.

Remember when I shared I resented myself for creating imbalance in these domains?


If just 1 domain is out of balance in your life, all 3 are out of wack.

Here's exactly how to become a true Power Couple...
Domain #1
The Domain of Work
“Get back on track in your life’s work - passion”
Looking forward, you see your partner by your side. They’re the reason you’re working so hard to begin with - they fuel you.

If you really want to create stability, be the success you know possible, and share your accomplishments with your partner, you must get specific on how you want to run your life and discover your driving force.

When you balance Domain #1, you’ll:

► give yourself the confidence to be able to hone in on your work without being distracted and held back

► discover your plan to ensure that all your effort will be laser focused so you don’t have to struggle to reach your set goals

► find your spark that brought you massive success before you started to hold yourself back to avoid conflict - you’ll have your fire back

► identify the missing piece of the puzzle that will make your power couple stable and your outcome certain

Domain #2
The Domain of Play
“Regain touch with your playfulness”
There’s something important that I have to tell you about your power dynamic. Its definitely going to explain some things…

Every power player that is pushed to the edge in their power couple goes through a particular phase where everything seems like they're walking on eggshells. 

When you see every angle and constantly overthink, it takes all the spontaneity out of everything.   

When you balance Domain #2, you’ll:

► choose the perfect time and place to adventure (most power players forget to make time for this)

► gain the knowledge for the first time in your life why your relationship with “the one” hasn’t gone as smooth as you would have thought

► reduce your overwhelm of the checklist of plans, tactics, and tricks you thought you needed to be doing just to get your relationship back on track

► know exactly what steps need to be taken to bring back the fire and passion you had when you first started dating
Domain #3
The Domain of Love
“Share ALL your love with your partner”
Now that you don’t have to hold anything back, how do you give them the world and show how much they mean to you in a way they understand?

Your ability to love is unconditional, the things you’ve done for your “match” go way beyond what you’ve done for anyone before. You’ve likely debated with yourself whether or not you’ve been giving too much. 

When you balance Domain #3, you’ll:

► learn how to be acknowledged and appreciated for your attention to detail in how you show your love

► see intellectually the fastest way to get on the same page (even with the communication skills you already have)

► map your “Road to Dynamic Duo” - the journey you’ll take to become the ultimate power couple and how to take the next step you’ve been hesitant to take because of your volatile dynamic

► learn my signature process to quickly let go of the times that got under your skin or broke your heart - you'll regain trust
What are you going to do?
You going wait until it's too late?
Are you going to decide your relationship fate now?
I really don't want you to hit rock bottom and learn the hard way - like I did. 

Unless that's what you really want, I invite you to apply below for my Relationship Reframe Session.

In our 30 minute call, we'll get to the bottom of where the kryptonite is showing up in your relationship.


As a bonus, I'll give you an exact road-map to get back on the same page with the love of your life, so you can be the ultimate team you always new was possible.

No matter what your current situation, it CAN be fixed and it CAN be worked on.

Meet Alain Torres
International Bestselling Author, Alain Torres guides world-renowned Power Couples and Power Players to unwind emotional triggers, stop the blame-game, and move beyond power struggles forever. He helps them follow each other's lead, in full trust, so they take on the world as a team, and make a lasting difference. 

As the power couples coach, Alain reveals his step by step process to help you understand what’s needed to maintain your happiness and individuality. Once you’ve gotten your powerful role in the relationship back, you will forever be able to move through any obstacle, using it as an opportunity to get closer. For over ten years, he’s helped strong personalities like you, live the relationship you envision. His strength lies in stacking the cards in your favor by building your self-mastery skills. 

As you learn to harness your authentic power, you’ll find the fun, passion, and adventure that’s been missing. Are you ready to finally feel like your partner has your back? It’s empowering to be supported by someone who gets your exact situation, someone with a proven track record for getting to the heart of the matter. After all, you’ve already tried everything and nothing has worked. It's time to shortcut the process and build the loving relationship you deserve. You don’t have to keep banging your head against a wall - It's time to invest in a solid future with another. Today’s the day you no longer leave a happy relationship to chance - are you in or are you out?
Nancy Albright
As a mompreneur and wife I was having a challenge getting out of mom mode, feeling sexy and passionate about my relationship with my husband and as a woman in general.
I wasn’t sure what to do so I started working with Alain because he’s the Power Couples Expert. He recommended and worked with me to find that passionate Latina inside of me that I know I can be and want to be all the time. It’s what drives me to do daily tasks and makes them exciting.

Now every morning before I start the day, I take time to write down what it is I want to accomplish in a passionate manner and how I want to feel doing it. I know it’s to feel, sexy, and excited about life, my relationship with husband and being a mom. Working with Alain made me realize that even in mom mode I can feel sexy and be passionate about daily tasks.

Alain, thank you for changing the way I view my day to day life, myself and my family. Your program is well worth the investment. 

Gratitude and Blessings, 
Nancy Albright, CHHC
Women’s Certified Health Coach
Andrew Pinatel
I was having challenges with my new lifestyle of network marketing and building relationships. I was also having issues with dating and finding a meaningful romantic relationship.

I wasn’t sure what to do so I started working with Alain because he’s the Power Couples Expert, and I ultimately want to find someone to be in a "Power Couple" style of relationship.

He recommended I go to meet-ups to expand my social circle. He helped me to understand the way I communicate. He showed me the different personality types and how they process information differently than I do.

I started paying attention to how I show up in my interactions. I let go of emotional attachment to outcomes of situations. I started paying closer attention to how I conveyed my thoughts and ideas. I explained to my prospective significant that I'm not perfect and that I'm learning and growing.

The results I attained from all of this began with a better quality of life due to how I was "showing up" and perceiving things. I was in a better mood and therefore having more positive interactions. I learned patience by understanding that people process things differently than me and not at the same speed and efficiency as me, but more importantly that it's normal!

With that I was able to spend more time relaxing and enjoying other than stressing and wondering. Explaining what I was learning opened doorways of acceptance and understanding with both my significant and I.

Ultimately the things I've learned and the impact it's had on my life have been well worth the investment. I am unaware of anywhere else to attain such education and growth. If you're into personal development and becoming a better version of yourself for all types of relationships, whether they be business, romantic or something in between.

Andrew Pinatel
Tania Jedian
As an entrepreneur and leader to many, I was worried about my relationship creating a divide with my love and my business - My status of my relationship with my boyfriend and where it was going was questionable.
I reached out to Alain and he suggested I take it one day at a time and to release my fear through a different channel other than the panic I was experiencing. He walked me through how I can confidently take a day at a time and to release any fear I was holding onto in my body. While showing up and reassuring my partner about my love and commitment to him. The next day my partner showed up with love to me in a way I never saw or experienced before!

Alain helps you release unnecessary emotions of fear or frustration and replace them with genuine clarity and love. His technique is unique, simple, and effective every time. I highly recommend Alain’s Power Couples Coaching Program to enhance your love life as well as your business life. You can’t have one without the other.

Tania Dilmani
Owner, Mommy Homeopathy
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